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Basics Of Fluid Mechanics

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Fluid Mechanics is that study of fluid motion involving a rational method of approach based on general physical laws and consistent with the results of modern experimental study. The work fluid implies a treatment of both liquids and gases. Fluid mechanics uses the same principles employed in the mechanics of solids. The aim of this book is to present an introduction to the fundamentals of fluid mechanics. Attempts have been made to provide a balance treatment in a logical fashion, and to keep physical concepts and basic quantitative relations in the foreground. Several pedagogical tools that help reader visualize the many difficult phenomena of fluid mechanics. Explanations are based on the physical concepts as well as mathematics which are accessible to undergraduate engineering students. The text help engineering students develop an intuitive understanding of fluid mechanics by emphasizing the physics. Figures were specially prepared in order to illustrate key ideas, relevant concepts and explain general types of apparatus.

Business Basics Law Students

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The book demystifies business principles through:
- the combined skills of distinguished authors who draw on their teaching and writing experience to build student confidence
- straightforward explanations of daunting topics (accounting, financial statements, taxes, mortgages, etc.) tailored to students without a business background
- generous use of examples to convey ideas and applications
- a helpful list of terms in the appendix, conveniently keyed to the pages where they are used and explained
- frequent use of visual aids, such as tax forms, newspaper financial quotes, tables, and graphs
- an accessible design featuring lists of topics keyed to headings at the beginning of each chapter, key terms and concepts bolded for easy identification, and frequent use of lists to clearly enumerate points and examples
Thoroughly updated to respond to recent developments, the Fourth Edition features:
- new material on recent scandals and reforms in the chapters on accounting, forms of organization, trading, and mutual funds
- the latest information on executive compensation
- extensive revisions to the chapters on tax and retirement planning, in light of recent and proposed reforms, especially in connection with Social Security
- an expanded chapter on insurance that now includes health insurance, auto insurance, and more
- new material on spinoffs and other divisive reorganization in the chapter on mergers, as well as discussion of taxable and tax-free transactions
- new coverage of securities regulation, antitrust, intellectual property law, and international business transactions integrated throughout the text

Basic And Clinical Perspectives In Vision Research

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I have been asked to write a brief foreword to this volume honoring Hisako Ikeda, providing a review of the accomplishments in our field over the past four decades, when Hisako was an active participant. This I am delighted to do. It has been a most exciting time in vision research and Hisako has been right in the middle of much of the excitement, publishing on a wide variety of topics and providing much new data and many new insights. Hisako's research career can be divided by decades into four quite distinct areas of inquiry. In the 1950s, as a student in Japan, her research interests were psychophysical in nature, and she was concerned with visual illusions, figural aftereffects, and motion detec- tion. In the 1960s, after her move to London, she began electrophysiological studies. Much of her work in the 1960s was concerned with the electroretinogram (ERG), its components, and the use of this electrical response for evaluating spectral sensitivities of the eye and retinal degenerations. This work represented the beginning of her electrodiagnostic clinical work, which continued until her retirement.

The Making Of A Neuromorphic Visual System

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The reader is presented an approach to the construction of a visual system, which is behaviorally, computationally and neurally motivated. The central goal is to characterize the process of visual categorization and to find a suitable representation format that can successfully deal with the structural variability existent within visual categories. It does not define such representations a priori but attempts to show directions on how to gradually work towards them. The book reviews past and existent theories of visual object and shape recognition in the fields of computer vision, neuroscience and psychology. The entire range of computations is discussed, as for example contour extraction in retinal circuits, orientation determination in cortical networks, position and scale independence of shape, as well as the issue of object and shape representation in a neural substrate. Region-based approaches are discussed and are modeled with wave-propagating networks. It is demonstrated how those networks operate on gray-scale images. A completely novel shape recognition architecture is proposed that can recognize simple shapes under various degraded conditions. It is discussed how such networks can be used for constructing basic-level object representations. It is envisioned how those networks can be implemented using the method of neuromorphic engineering, an analog electronic hardware substrate than can run neural computations in real-time and with little power.

Acidity And Basicity

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This is the first handbook on zeolites and other microporous materials. It is an up-to-date, highly sophisticated collection of information for those who deal with zeolites in industry or at academic institutions as well as being a guide for newcomers.


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