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Semantics Of Programming Languages

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"Semantics of Programming Languages "exposes the basic motivations and philosophy underlying the applications of semantic techniques in computer science. It introduces the mathematical theory of programming languages with an emphasis on higher-order functions and type systems. Designed as a text for upper-level and graduate-level students, the mathematically sophisticated approach will also prove useful to professionals who want an easily referenced description of fundamental results and calculi. Basic connections between computational behavior, denotational semantics, and the equational logic of functional programs are thoroughly and rigorously developed. Topics covered include models of types, operational semantics, category theory, domain theory, fixed point (denotational). semantics, full abstraction and other semantic correspondence criteria, types and evaluation, type checking and inference, parametric polymorphism, and subtyping. All topics are treated clearly and in depth, with complete proofs for the major results and numerous exercises.

Social And Emotional Prevention And Intervention Programming For Preschoolers

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Social and Emotional Prevention and Intervention Programming for Preschoolers rests on the idea that young children, under optimal circumstances, develop substantial abilities in social and emotional domains by the time they enter school. These abilities contribute to their success and well-being during these early years, but even more importantly, to both their successful adaptation to school (personal and academic) and their long-term mental health.

The chapters of this volume present theoretical foundations for and explanations of what important adults in young children's lives - preschool teachers, daycare providers, parents - can do to encourage the development of such social-emotional abilities, including promoting secure attachment relationships, providing positive behavior guidance, and assisting children in developing emotion knowledge, emotion regulation, social problem-solving skills, and other positive social behaviors.

In addition, the book reviews the current state of early childhood programming in each of these crucial areas, with the addition of a chapter on emergent parent programming on emotion coaching. Recommendations are made for making such programming work, for assessing individual children's development and program efficacy, and necessary future directions for this area are detailed.

Social and Emotional Prevention and Intervention Programming for Preschoolers is a valuable resource for developmental psychologists, child psychologists, school and educational psychologists, school counselors, and early childhood educators.

Quantum Reprogramming

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Many, perhaps most textbooks of quantum mechanics present a Copenhagen, single system angle; fewer present the subject matter as an instrument for treating ensembles, but the two methods have been silently coexisting since the mid-Thirties. This lingering dichotomy of purpose for a major physical discipline has much shrouded further insights into the foundations of quantum theory.
Quantum Reprogramming resolves this long-standing dichotomy by examining the mutual relation between single systems and ensembles, assigning each its own tools for treating the subject at hand: i.e., Schrodinger-Dirac methods for ensembles versus period integrals for single systems.
A unified treatment of integer and fractional quantum Hall effects and a finite description of the electron's anomalies are mentioned as measures of justification for the chosen procedure of resolving an old-time dichotomy. The methods of presentation are, in part, elementary, with repetitive references needed to delineate differences with respect to standard methods. The parts on period integrals are developed with a perspective on elementary methods in physics, thus leading up to some standard results of de Rham theory and algebraic topology.
Audience: Students of physics, mathematics, philosophers as well as outsiders with a general interest in the conceptual development of physics will find useful reading in these pages, which will stimulate further inquiry and study.


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