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Living With The Pearls In The Shell

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Pearls in the Shell is an insiders account of the author's time spent as part of the OCCUPY movement in Amsterdam, Holland. Poetic, playful, ponderous, and spiritual, this story incorporates the day to day life of squatting in the OCCUPY building with philosophical explorations of how our system works and why? The Shell building was a derelict laboratory built by the Shell oil company in the first half of the 20th century, situated in Amsterdam-Noord, behind the Centraal railway station. Many incredible events were to be held by the walls of the 'Great Laboratory', before it was forcibly vacated by the police on the 27th January 2012, some 3 and a half months after it had been squatted. This is an exploration of the events leading to the collapse of the OCCUPY movement, in attempts to bring honour and understanding to this great moment in history.

Tainted Pearl

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Lust at first sight has never been a problem for Doug Fraser before, but something about Biddy O'Mara screams "hands off." Except the private, mysterious musician is also the sexiest, most captivating woman he's ever crammed into close quarters with. Biddy can't afford any distractions while on a month long eco-activism island adventure. The rock star is incognito for a very good cause, but the irresistible camera operator quickly proves a big, bad complication. A fling is inevitable. But Doug's not relationship material, and the more he gets to know Biddy, the more he realizes she's the type of girl you take home to meet your mother-even if you don't know all her secrets.

A String Of Pearls

RRP $16.49

The ability to experience the passage of time is essential to both human consciousness and the enjoyment of poetry, notes poet Richard Arthur DeRemee. And a word "is a package of sound, ideas, and sentiment." Thus a poem is "a collection of well-chosen words connected by a string of time similar to a string of pearls." A String of Pearls uses this notion of time not only to create poems but also to explore how humans experience time. Written over a span of 50 years, these poems examine the effects of time as it passes in a thought, a day, a season, a lifetime, and the natural world. The result is a startlingly insightful collection of poems that allows a reader to explore "this crazy thing of time and space / A funny thing, the human race."


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