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Introduction To Programming And Object-oriented Design Using Java

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* Objects First Approach. Students learn to design with objects from the start. In more traditional approaches, students first learn "programming basics in the context of procedural programming in the small." Since this frame of reference is essentially useless when attacking large-scale problems, students must later "re-learn how to approach problems. Instructors can present material from a point of view that will "make sense" throughout the curriculum. Presentation and justification of programming principles and good techniques is easier.
* Emphasis on the distinction between class specification and implementation. Students learn to develop coherent class specifications early on, and to build components that conform to carefully defined, consistent specifications. The result is more main-tainable, error-free code.
* Early emphasis on testing and test-driven implementation. Students develop a habit of testing as part of the implementation process. Testing is essential to ensure quality programs.
* Current presentation of object-oriented design and Java. Students benefit from seeing general approaches to commonly occurring design patterns in a specific, well-defined context. This will also make it easier for students to "get the point" when such topics are introduced in upper-level design and software engineering courses. Other features include an emphasis on event-driven interfaces, rather than traditional procedural I/O; informal use of standard UML notation
* Optional interactive exercises are designed for use with the open-source DrJava integrated development environment (IDE) - a popular tool for compiling and testing programs

The Secret Of East Java

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A young Dutch-American archaeologist returns to Java after World War II. He marries a young Indonesian childhood sweetheart, now herself studying archaeology. Together they work to reconstruct a temple in a mountain lake. It points to an ancient mystery. The search for an answer to this takes decades and is found to involve a legendary ancestor. Discovering his secret leads to the discovery of a lost cave, tomb for a mysterious couple found to have been buried 2000 years ago. The possible implications of the discovery require moving ahead cautiously. Finally, the use of scientific research helps solve this incredible discovery which then forces a reassessment of the history of Jesus. Overarching concerns of the national government call for a meeting of Christian and Islamic leaders, historians and linguists to discuss how to proceed. Afterwards Christians meet and discuss how to reveal this ancient secret to the Christian world.

Tourism, Heritage And National Culture In Java

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Based on anthropological fieldwork in the 1990s, this book provides an ethnographic perspective in its examination of the politics and policies of cultural tourism as they were played out under the Indonesian New Order regime. The successful New Order tourism policy ensured that tourism development both contributed to, and benefited from, increasing economic prosperity and a long stretch of political stability. However, that success has come at a price; the policy to encourage mainly 'high-quality' tourism revolved around carefully constructed and controlled tourist experiences that have led to local inequalities. The failure of this policy is analysed in a detailed case study of the city of Yogyakarta.


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