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Introducing Computing

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This timely new text provides an accessible, introduction to teaching computing science and computer programming. Specifically designed for non-specialists who need to develop new skills in computer science in order to meet the new curriculum requirements, it offers a step-by-step guide to the subject alongside worked examples of good practice.

Packed full of practical advice, the book examines different approaches to introducing children to computer programming and describes a wide range of tried and tested projects that have been proven to work in schools. Including case studies and a glossary of key terms it covers:

  • The key concepts in computing and computational thinking
  • Using personal learning networks, social media, curriculum developments and the 'wiki curriculum' to develop higher thinking skills and desirable learner characteristics
  • Links to other subjects such as mathematics and language work
  • Steps in programming for primary pupils
  • Engaging pupils in computer science activities
  • Gaming and computer science

Featuring a companion website with additional activities, projects, links to software and downloadable schemes of work, this is an essential text for all teachers and trainees that are responsible for computer science.

Peer To Peer Computing

RRP $274.99

Peer to Peer Computing: The Evolution of Disruptive Technology takes a holistic approach to the affects P2P Computing has on a number a disciplines. Some of those areas covered within this book include grid computing, web services, bio-informatics, security, finance and economics, collaboration, and legal issues. Unique in its approach, Peer to Peer Computing includes current articles from academics as well as IT practitioners and consultants from around the world. As a result, the book strikes a balance for many readers. Neither too technical or too managerial, Peer to Peer Computing appeals to the needs of both researchers and practitioners who are trying to gain a more thorough understanding of current P2P technologies and their emerging ramifications.

Sentic Computing

RRP $363.99

?This volume is a knowledge-based approach to concept-level sentiment analysis at the crossroads between affective computing, information extraction, and common-sense computing, which exploits both computer and social sciences to better interpret and process information on the Web.
Concept-level sentiment analysis goes beyond a mere word-level analysis of text in order to enable a more efficient passage from (unstructured) textual information to (structured) machine-processable data, in potentially any domain.

Readers will discover the following key novelties, that make this approach so unique and avant-garde, being reviewed and discussed:
   Sentic Computing's multi-disciplinary approach to sentiment analysis-evidenced by the concomitant use of AI and Semantic Web techniques, for knowledge representation and inference
   Sentic Computing's shift from syntax to semantics-enabled by the adoption of the bag-of-concepts model instead of simply counting word co-occurrence frequencies in text
   Sentic Computing's shift from statistics to linguistics-implemented by allowing sentiments to flow from concept to concept based on the dependency relation between clauses

This volume is the first in the Series Socio-Affective Computing edited by Dr Amir Hussain and Dr Erik Cambria and will be of interest to researchers in the fields of socially intelligent, affective and multimodal human-machine interaction and systems.


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