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Complexity-aware High Efficiency Video Coding 2016

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This book discusses computational complexity of High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) encoders with coverage extending from the analysis of HEVC compression efficiency and computational complexity to the reduction and scaling of its encoding complexity. After an introduction to the topic and a review of the state-of-the-art research in the field, the authors provide a detailed analysis of the HEVC encoding tools compression efficiency and computational complexity. Readers will benefit from a set of algorithms for scaling the computational complexity of HEVC encoders, all of which take advantage from the flexibility of the frame partitioning structures allowed by the standard. The authors also provide a set of early termination methods based on data mining and machine learning techniques, which are able to reduce the computational complexity required to find the best frame partitioning structures. The applicability of the proposed methods is finally exemplified with an encoding time control system that employs the best complexity reduction and scaling methods presented throughout the book. The methods presented in this book are especially useful in power-constrained, portable multimedia devices to reduce energy consumption and to extend battery life. They can also be applied to portable and non-portable multimedia devices operating in real time with limited computational resources.

Medical Terminology For Insurance And Coding

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Learn medical terminology side-by-side with insurance and coding principles using this unique book. Each chapter is organized by body system and includes a review of the structures and functions, as well as commonly identified diseases and procedures for that system. Whether you are learning these concepts for the first time or reviewing them in preparation for an exam, this book provides plenty of practice on both medical terminology and coding using real-world medical documents.

Decoding China

RRP $16.99

Do you want to know the unspoken conversations around you when visiting other countries? Are you someone who likes to travel on your own terms--from finding that special restaurant to negotiating a better price for a prized antique in a local flea market? If so, Decoding China is the hands-on communication guide for you!

Decoding China will teach you the basic "rules of the road" on how to operate in Chinese culture. Like every country, China has its own unique set of cultural "codes," ways of behaving on a daily basis that all Chinese automatically know. These codes frame every personal interaction in China. By learning to recognize these key words and phrases--and use them correctly--everything you do in China will go a lot more smoothly.

In practical chapters organized by topic, Dr. Christensen shows you how to get things done in China, even with very minimal knowledge of the language. Make your China experience work for, rather than against you with "Decoding China."

About the Author

Dr. Matthew B. Christensen is the Academic Director of the Chinese Flagship Center at Brigham Young University, where he is also a Professor of Chinese in the Department of Asian & Near Eastern Languages. The Flagship program is a partnership among the federal government, education, and business which helps graduates take their place among the next generation of global professionals. His focus on the usefulness of cultural codes results from his frequent observations in China of students' difficulties when they try--and fail!--to use U.S. cultural codes there.


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