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From Tahitian To South Sea And Beyond: Common Pearl Types

There are three main types of cultured saltwater pearls: akoya, Tahitian, and South Sea. Pearls can be cultured in fresh water as well. Each type has distinct characteristics, and each is very beautif........ Read More

Lose Your Fear And Look After Those Pearly Whites

If you asked most people to make a list of the things that they dread, many of them would put “going to the dentist” up near the top. Though dentists actually do work that relieves pain and makes ........ Read More

Buying The Perfect Pearl

You may wonder what is the amazing thing behind Pearls? Well, Pearls are a complex object, to start the iridescence that pearls display is caused by the overlapping of successive layers, which breaks ........ Read More

Call Philippines As Clear As The Pearl Of The Orient Seas

Most Filipinos would love to hear from their relatives or friends from the US. Who won't? There's just so much to tell and burning the lines would be one helluvah understatement if you are to make an ........ Read More

Points To Be Remembered While Buying Pearl Jewelry

Natural pears are extremely rare nowadays due to pollution and over fishing. Nearly 95% of available pearls are cultured pearls only. Cultured pearls are natural products that are produced by taking t........ Read More

Pearls: An Old Classic Breathes Life Into New Trends

It's amazing how a tiny grain of sand can become one of the most coveted jewels of our time, Pearls. One of the fastest growing trends in today's fashion industry is coupling pearl jewelry with a simp........ Read More

Rim Blackberry Pearl 8130

Global Positioning System or GPS is a key addition to the Blackberry which puts the phone among a select few having the feature as well. The addition of a two mega pixel camera which is also capable o........ Read More

Understanding Black Pearls

Do you like black pearls? I simply love them. Why? Well, truly black pearls are extremely rare. Black pearls are produced from black-lipped oyster Pinctada margaritifera. It means that Pinctada is gen........ Read More

Zoomed Pearly Whites

Zoom Teeth Whitening promises to lighten discolored teeth by removing stains effectively with its whitening gel blasted with laser light. The whitening gel is made with hydrogen peroxide, a common ble........ Read More

Celebrities Like Their Pearls

Pearls never go out of style – they are always a classy and traditional wardrobe accessory that will never disappoint you. But this year they are a “front and center” fashion statement! Just a........ Read More

Pearl Jewelry Making Will Take Time And Patience

With fashions returning to encompass suits and dressier jackets pearls are also making a comeback in fashion. While pearl jewelry making may not look all that complicated there are a few tricks to kno........ Read More

The Pearl Necklace -- A Timeless Beauty

It has been said that of all the pieces of jewelry in the world, a pearl necklace is the only thing that a woman should not be without. And that’s no wonder, for a pearl necklace is the embodiment o........ Read More

How To Choose A Pearl

Pearls are considered nature’s gemstones and are perfect for inclusion in fine jewelry. Harvested from oysters, pearls are chosen in a similar fashion to other gemstones, including diamonds. When lo........ Read More

Identifying Real Fresh Water Pearls

Pearls are elegant jewelry. You can buy them shaped as necklaces, bracelets, earrings or even as an accent to a ring. There are hundreds, if not thousands of pearl jewelry designs to choose from in ........ Read More

Hawaii-pearl Harbor

When visiting Hawaii most people think of lush tropical trees and white sandy beaches. After all, Hawaii is the perfect spot for relaxing and sipping fruity drinks. However, there is one somber tou........ Read More


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